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Political War Stories – OPB031

Our very own Frank Robinson joins us to chat about what’s new with our Government Affairs department, and shares some of his best stories from working in NJ politics. Also, we completely revolutionize war reenactments and debate whether or not Blackberries are ready for a comeback.

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Music That Gets Us Pumped – OPB029

Raise the roof for our latest episode of Other People’s Business where our very own Kim Cowperthwait joins us to talk music and our annual Women Business Leader’s Forum. And, as a special treat for our listeners, those looking to attend the event might even find details for an exclusive discount during the show.

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Nerding Out – OPB028

We nerd out like we’ve never nerded out before (which is saying something) over our favorite books and superhero movies with Michael Diamond of the Asbury Park Press. Should you see Avengers: Infinity War if you haven’t seen any of the movies that came before it? Superman Returns vs. Man of Steel? Which X-Men movie is skippable? Is the plural of email emails (no, obviously not – Kate)? And just who owns Tillie the Clown? Listen and learn.