Bob Considine on Other People's Business

America’s Sweethearts

For the past year NJBIA has been airing “Minding Your Business,” a TV show highlighting NJ businesses and the issues they face every day. Learn all about it, why Kate feels Taylor Swift gets a raw deal and the simple device Vinnie can’t figure out how to use, in this discussion with our CCO Bob Considine.

Debbie Wolpov on Other People's Business

Lowering Your Credit Card Processing Costs in the Hart of Virgin River

Debbie Wolpov of MerX Payments drops by the show to talk about how her company can help you save on credit card processing costs, the extreme lengths she’s gone to serve her clients, NJBIA’s Women Business Leaders Council, and the shows we can’t (and absolutely can) quit.

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The 100th Episode Extravaganza

Kerry Barrett returns to the show for our 100th episode in a discussion about overcoming your fears of public speaking and the importance of being a good audience member. We also discuss the way mistakes can help bring out your personality and the random nothings in our lives that somehow get turned into brilliant Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes.