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Rosanne DeTorres on NJBIA's Other People's Business

Equally Unhappily Ever After

Rosanne DeTorres, of DeTorres and DeGeorge Family Law, joins us to talk books, divorce, and the Bible. We learn about how the pandemic changed family law and dip our toes in comparative religion before remembering that Goldbelly Nightingale ice cream sandwiches exist… so how bad could things really be?

Kate Conroy and Vinnie Civitillo

Just the Two of Us

Kate and Vinnie go it alone for the first time on this episode of Other People’s Business where they discuss visibility options available to NJBIA members, whether or not sharks are as dangerous as their reputation makes them out to be, and the world we’re living in now where just about anything can be cake.

Frank Galindo on Other People's Business

The Podcast Across the Street from the Girl Who Hides Her Mascara

Frank Galindo of Lincoln Tech joins us to talk about the school and how it has helped many train for their careers in a time when people need it most, all the things that pile up in our garages, and the most positive impact our podcast has had on the world to date.

Bob Considine on Other People's Business

America’s Sweethearts

For the past year NJBIA has been airing “Minding Your Business,” a TV show highlighting NJ businesses and the issues they face every day. Learn all about it, why Kate feels Taylor Swift gets a raw deal and the simple device Vinnie can’t figure out how to use, in this discussion with our CCO Bob Considine.