Jim Paone on NJBIA's Other People's Business

Creative Legal Solutions and Lost-Like Recommendations

Jim Paone of Davison Eastman Munoz Paone, P.A. joins us to talk about what sets the firm apart, what to do if you ever get sued, shows that are surprisingly like Lost and, as a follow up to our last episode, the many other things you can do with anchovies when you don’t want them on your pizza.

Cynthia Hetherington on NJBIA's Other People's Business

A Private Eye for the 21st Century

Cynthia Hetherington of the Hetherington Group joins us to talk about their work as cyber investigators, the many dogs they keep on campus, how much time a criminal needs to rob your house and the one report you should run on your kids ASAP.

Donna Miller on NJBIA's Other People's Business

Betting On Yourself

When you have two kids to support and success is your only option, what do you do? You take out a $100,000 loan and bet on yourself to start a business. Or, at least, that’s what C3Workplace Chief Visionary Officer and business growth expert Donna Miller did. Hear all about it on this week’s show.