Strengthening Your Human Firewall

Cora Park of Diamond Business Communications joins us to discuss the war her company wages against cyber criminals, the PrintNightmare crisis, phishing scams, and how the first line of defense against all of them is… you. In addition, we revisit ABC’s Lost and contemplate the historical accuracies of Game of Thrones.

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Junior Achievement and Trying Not to be Socially Awkward Post-Pandemic

Catherine Milone joins us to discuss the many ways you can volunteer with Junior Achievement to enrich the lives of students across New Jersey. In addition, we discuss what it’s like crawling out of our caves and going back out into the world post-COVID.

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The Accidental Entrepreneur

Mitchell Beinhaker joins Kate and Vinnie to talk about business plans, his podcast the Accidental Entrepreneur, the limitations of human memory, and bean dip. In addition, Vinnie tells us what it’s like when you get hooked on your toddler’s TV shows.

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One Year Later with Michele Siekerka

NJBIA President & CEO Michele Siekerka joins us to talk about a year in the pandemic and how the Association is working to help businesses through it. In addition, because the one-year anniversary of the day we went remote happens to coincide with Kate’s favorite holiday, the group shares their favorite St. Patrick’s Day recipes.

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The Repeatability of Paper Plates

Lorena Mosquera of LW&H Business Solutions drops in to talk to us about making your business leaner and more efficient, including the paramount importance of repeatability through SOPs. And, speaking of repeatability, we discuss the pros and cons of paper plates and whether they can or should be reused.